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WinStars: a new level of the gaming industry on the blockchain

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The accelerated pace of the development of the online gaming industry has a greater number of advantages than the usual ways of running an offline business. The cost of maintaining online services and transaction costs for functionality is much lower than those of regular casinos. Processes that occur online allow you to serve every customer regardless of where they live. This significantly reduces the cost of attracting newcomers.

Despite such a good forecast, the online gaming industry is faced with many problems that can restrain the growth of the market. The main problem is fraud, as a result of which customers are less likely to trust this market. Users are afraid of fraud from gambling services, for example, incorrect calculations of winnings from video slots. This, of course, slows down the development of attracting a number of participants. The next problem is that users’ accounts are often blocked after they win and withdraw money. In some countries gambling is limited by law and therefore banks block accounts during the transfer of large sums with confiscation.

WinStars is a decentralized project, which includes mass entertainment games built on the blockchain and smart contracts.

Blockchain and virtual currencies were able to open up more new opportunities allowing games to remain honest and safe. The project using such simplicity and security tries to create simple and massive games for each user. The honest atmosphere created in games, the international way of encryption and the drawing of large sums — all this opens up the newest possibilities of entertaining toys, thanks to the introduction of a blockchain.

The main goal of this project is to create a transparent operator, which will be built on the basis of the blockchain. Users will be able to check the history of their own bets, games, and algorithms in order to determine the size of the winnings.

Current problems

The entertainment game market is growing rapidly receiving large revenues; this industry has a lot of problems. The main problem is fraud and, consequently, lack of trust on the part of market participants. Because of this, the gaming industry is more difficult to break into the market for new participants, and this is currently considered an important asset for users.

Also, it worth noting the following user problems:

  • There is no way to check the integrity of the algorithm to reveal the win. The participant cannot verify whether the algorithm is correct and fair during the distribution of the finance.
  • There is no guarantee against possible blocking of accounts. In case the decision is unfair, the participant does not have the protection of his rights, since there is no special supervisory authority.
  • Complicated operations that involve deposits and withdrawals. Very often the transfer of a monetary prize to the user’s account takes up to several days.
  • Insufficiently strong protection of personal information of each participant. If a service break occurs, it is possible to steal personal information of participants, for example, credit card numbers.

Problems of operators:

  • Distrust of a certain platform because of low reputation.
  • Inefficiency and increased transaction fees for international transfers.
  • The complexity of increasing business, its introduction into other states.

Main project functionality

WinStars is an entertainment game operator, which is built on the basis of IT solutions and blockchain. The project allows you to improve the rates for any fan of games regardless of income and location.

The future basis of the project’s work is the decentralized service of smart contracts responsible for the fair distribution of random numbers and cards, the distribution of finance to the participants’ accounts.

The project is trying to build a system that guarantees the transparency and honesty of every entertaining game. With the help of its own advantages, which are planned to be implemented, the project will be able to solve a large number of problems related to trust, access to the international market, and protection of personal data of players.

The project has a great potential, due to which international clients will be attracted. WinStars will provide players and operators with the perfect service and excellent winnings. Any participant will be able to play in any chosen game with the smallest commissions of input without fear at the same time for blocking the finances.

To learn more about the details of this project, as well as to participate in the purchase of platform tokens, visit the official website https://winstars.io/ and read the whitepaper: https://winstars.io/whitepaper.pdf

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