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Universal Reward Protocol: an innovative reward system on the blockchain

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The relationship between customers and sellers of goods is a whole science that can only be understood with time. If modern commodity-money relations were built on more reasonable principles then everyone could benefit from this. What obstacles exist in the way of many of those who are trying to succeed in the retail industry?

More often sellers of the goods do not understand the needs of buyers well enough. As a result, on the shelves of shops are not those goods that could be in demand from their side. As a result, the losers turn out to be sellers who cannot get any additional income and customers who cannot find the goods they need. How is it possible to solve this pressing problem using modern technologies?

The Universal Reward Protocol project is a new approach to retailing

The authors of this project are struggling to come up with a solution in order to solve the problem of misunderstanding between sellers and buyers, and then overcome the gap that exists between online stores and the usual offline retail.

Universal Reward Protocol is able to provide the most accurate and clear answer to the question of how customers behave during the purchase of goods. This is an extremely important information, with which you can significantly change the state of affairs in the retail market.

Universal Reward Protocol technical features

The team of developers of Universal Reward Protocol is going to create a full ecosystem for all those who are engaged in retail trade. If they succeed, they will be able to reward their users only for the fact that they became participants in the project. Smart contracts will be used for this. For example, users can get a reward for viewing the website, visiting a particular store, and also for making a purchase. In addition, users can publish special content on their pages in social networks, for which they will also receive a reward.

Entrepreneurs, in turn, will also be able to encourage potential customers to provide them with their personal data. To do this, the Universal Reward Protocol tokens will be used. As a result, the benefit from the project will be received by both ordinary users who can make a little money, as well as entrepreneurs. They will be able to obtain valuable information for relatively little money. This will be enough to understand the principle of customer behavior and make your business even more competitive.

Obviously, the Universal Reward Protocol project is built on information about users and their behavior. That is why it is so important that it is created using blockchain technology, which is a guarantee of the preservation of personal data and any other confidential information.

Universal Reward Protocol tokens

URP token is a unique form of calculations between users within the Universal Reward Protocol project. These tokens are fully compatible with ERC20 standard, which will facilitate their exchange. Tokens in the project will perform several functions at once: they will be needed as retailers who can use them to reward users, and for customers who can change them for discounts, various premium services, and even gifts.


The PRE-ICO will begin on August 8th and will last for a month. During this time, investors will be able to get a discount on assets. It is planned that the discount will be 15% — 25%. After that, Public Sale begins, which will last about 3 weeks.


The Universal Reward Protocol project looks really very unusual. It can attract the attention of even large and well-known retailers who would like to find out about their potential customers as much useful information as possible. As you know, in any business the information is of key importance, therefore it is not surprising that today the Universal Reward Protocol project has attracted the attention of investors from all over the world.

To learn more about the details of this project, as well as to participate in the purchase of platform tokens, visit the official website https://rewardprotocol.com/ and read the whitepaper: https://rewardprotocol.com/wp-content/uploads/URP_Whitepaper-2.pdf

Author Cryptozond: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1190894
ERC-20 wallet: 0xE09319CEB0C8cf2029e27F85E1Bcb1159c63aF8e

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