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Terawatt: solving global environmental problems using a blockchain

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The company’s goal is to reduce global energy consumption and make utility costs less. Similarly, creators are worried about the environment and are willing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that adversely affect our environment.

Today, Terawatt is a company that offers a revolution in the lighting market helping to save on costs, also making lighting more efficient than incandescent lamps whose work adversely affects the environment. Also you can discard the option of purchasing Cfl lamps since they contain mercury and not all consumers recycle them. Henceforth, the greenhouse effect will not be intensified due to the operation of incandescent lamps because Terawatt replaces them with a more profitable solution.

Everywhere, with increasing electricity consumption, companies are forced to build new power plants spending huge amounts of money and effort. Companies are encouraging the transition from old lighting devices to new ones, but they are limited in financing and this is not enough for a general replacement.

This project has already collected good funding to translate its ideas into reality. The company uses blockchain technology based on Ethereum, which allows you to create smart contracts without intermediaries. Also, the project has a decentralized structure, which positively affects in the final analysis not allowing some members of the system to «pull the blanket over themselves».

The project also represents a decentralized fund or a bank that will provide utilities and help people to purchase LEDs.

Already today a huge number of people switch to LED lighting sources as they are more efficient and reduce electricity costs. This, in turn, is accompanied by a decrease in utility bills.
At the same time, the Terawatt platform is great for both users and investors. By becoming the holder of the token, you have the right to vote and the opportunity to participate in voting on the further development of the project. This is the best option for management since everyone will be interested in the development and popularization of the project and hence progress.

Developers launched their own LED token to pay for utilities and goods, as well as for employees’ wages. The LED token is ERC20 standard and is a deflationary currency. The creators adopted the experience of the BNB token (this is the token of the famous Binance exchange) — on this exchange, developers quarterly burn part of the volume of the cryptocurrency thereby preventing inflation. But in the case of the LED token, developers will burn their share of the profits received from commissions and tax. Naturally, this will have a positive effect on attracting attention to the LED token as a payment system. Utilities will also be interested in accepting payment in LED tokens because they are replenishing the system with tokens, which ultimately leads to an increase in their profits in the market. Also, the token will be issued as a reward to users purchasing LED lighters.

The creators did not forget about the safety of our funds and introduced support for the offline multisig wallet, which provides reliable protection of consumer funds.

After the completion of the ICO, we expect to see listings, most likely the listings will be on major exchanges as the company seriously intends to conquer this market.

The team of the project is really impressive. In addition to the fact that the team of developers and the project advisor has experience working in blockchain technology, some of them are investors and traders in the cryptocurrency market. This speaks of the full competence of the team because they understand and know how this market works.

The project deserves all praise because it combines practical advantages for a wide range of people, which makes paying utilities more convenient and buying lighting equipment is cheaper, and can also be a good tool for making a profit. The project is unique also because it will help to solve global problems of the environment using high technologies.

To learn more about the details of this project, as well as to participate in the purchase of platform tokens, visit the official website https://terawattled.com/ and read the whitepaper: https://terawattled.com/assets/Terawatt.pdf

Telegram channel: https://t.me/TeraWattICO
Also, you can find a lot of useful information on the bitcointalk forum (ANN thread): https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4180151.0

Author Cryptozond: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1190894
ERC-20 wallet: 0xE09319CEB0C8cf2029e27F85E1Bcb1159c63aF8e

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