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Plentix: smart referral platform on the blockchain

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Plentix (https://plentix.io/) is a unique referral/reward platform with great potential and great prospects; in addition, it is able to provide a relatively large number of alternatives aimed at development. During the execution of operations with the platform, API-services are used, which use the computing power of the blockchain as the basis of their work. This greatly expands the capabilities of users allowing them to create and record software of their own production. This possibility is universal as it can be directed to third parties, which are subsequently introduced into the software ecosystem.

With the introduction of the Plentix ecosystem, users can abandon the usual bonus programs that are available in the current market. The development team has responded to the tasks positively, thanks to which it managed to create a unique system that gives an opportunity to establish mutually beneficial relations between consumers and business.

What problems does it solve?

Thanks to the Plentix ecosystem, it is possible to solve all the problems that arise as a result of various actions aimed at attracting users to use the services of the company. The platform can be called a kind of bridge that establishes a link between business and consumers.

The creators of the ecosystem set a clear goal, which they adhered to. First of all, their task was to create a decentralized platform, which integrates applications to provide opportunities for awarding and consolidating users who participate in referral programs.

Principle of operation

Each business will be successful if certain features are met: it needs to be universal and flexible to meet each participant and unique to victory over competitors. Thanks to the creation of a separate API with open source, the integration platform has been quite successful.

This made it possible to create a separate referral program for each enterprise. Terms of participation in this program and its work are based on individual characteristics of doing business by the company. The creators are given the opportunity to regulate all indicators, which include the sum of remuneration and its currency, as well as the frequency of accrual of income without transferring to other resources. This gives an opportunity for careful conduct and preparation of promotions.

In addition to all of the above, the platform allows users to use a huge list of tools that are intuitive and simple to manage. An intuitive interface will be affordable and will appeal to even novice users who do not have programming skills.

All users have the opportunity to free-of-charge allocation of special interfaces, which in the future can be integrated into the infrastructure of their business.

The ecosystem also provides the possibility of connecting additional modules that expand the capabilities of participants and developers.

ICO Terms and Conditions

ICO is one of the most popular and sought-after ways to attract additional investments to projects that work on the blockchain. Procedure for the implementation of cryptographic electronic assets was also chosen by the developers of the Plentix ecosystem. This will provide an opportunity to develop and ensure the working capacity of the platform without attracting investments from partners.

The ecosystem token will receive a PTN ticker. Cryptographic assets will be issued in accordance with the generally accepted standard ERC20.

The minimum amount of funds needed to start active development is $ 3,000,000.
The maximum amount planned for collection during the procedure for the sale of assets is $ 10 million. The total number of tokens issued is 1 billion units. Half of the total will be sold to investors.

Advantages of the Plentix project

The implemented platform should differ not only in its uniqueness, but also in the huge number of advantages over its competitors. Plentix meets all these requirements. The popularity of the platform in the world market is provided by the presence of a large number of features and advantages over its competitors.

The main advantages of the platform are the following:

  • The ecosystem has a ready-made product in the form of an application and a platform that are distinguished by autonomous work and full decentralization.
  • The staff of developers and the team of advisors include only highly qualified and experienced specialists.
  • All users of the system are rewarded. Buyers are given a huge amount of bonuses and discounts.
  • The platform uses a unique and modern programming architecture, which makes it possible to add modules for individual purposes of the enterprise.
  • The released tokens are supported by a good domestic economy, which stimulates a constant increase in their value.

The Plentix platform has all chances for success as it differs from its analogues and allows fundamentally to change the situation occurring in the referral market. Thus, all companies will be able to attract users without additional costs for conducting referral programs and shares.

To learn more about the details of this project, as well as to participate in the purchase of platform tokens, visit the official website https://plentix.io/ and read the whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1smJIIE_EEF8L2-XtqNNvHmkAM9mqmz3l?usp=sharing

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