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MovieCoin: Hollywood 2.0 on the blockchain


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Just over a hundred years ago, cinema was born and took a confident position in the entertainment field. Already in 2018 we cannot imagine our Friday night without a good film or series on the screen of your TV. Many books and stories flow into the cinematic format and not only because it is visually better perceived, but because it is a huge business with big fees and revenues. This sphere grows and develops every year, and devoted fans wait for Hollywood novelties for years. Therefore, today we will talk about the MovieCoin project, which contributes to the development of entertainment.

MovieCoin is a decentralized platform with blockchain technology. This platform was created to improve quality and increase demand in the entertainment sector. MovieCoin will be useful to all participants of the entertainment sphere starting from the companies of the creators with all their personnel and ending with the final consumers of the finished product. It feels like, the blockchain technology is specially created for current purposes. Recall the advantages of technology: it is the transparency and safety of all processes occurring within the network. So, for no one will be a secret that cinema and corruption go together. Transparency on the site will solve this problem and can even eradicate it on the vine. Security will be an indispensable factor in the transfer of information through smart contracts and will avoid the unnecessary leak of information that can play against the film in the future.

The goal of MovieCoin is to become the main portal for investing in entertainment, and its internal tokens have become the main engine in the new Hollywood economy, thereby leading it to a new stage in its history and giving it a fresh breath of air such a Hollywood 2.0.

The structure is:

  • MovieCoin Entertainment is a service for production management. This group will include funding managers and experienced media executives who will create a competent commercial offer in all areas of entertainment content.
  • MovieCoin Capital: this department will be engaged in financing in films, television projects, and so on. It will also distribute securities and co-finance entire projects, all operations will be carried out by their own tokens.
  • MovieCoin Services created to offer new services for customers of its platform. For example, buying tickets to the cinema and other opportunities associated with the entertainment sector.
  • MovieCoin Technologies: this department will be occupied with the technological part of its site projects including licensing of intellectual property or technologies developed by the company itself or for the MovieCoin platform (including the protection of their patents, logos, and trademarks).

Let’s talk a little about the token of the MovieCoin platform. It is known that the token has the name MovieCoin Token and it is developed on the ERC-20 protocol from Ethereum; it can be freely stored on any ETH wallet and freely transfer or exchange. It is necessary for using the MovieCoin platform, all services inside the platform will be paid for just by MovieCoin Token.

MovieCoin is an interesting project with very great goals. If the project team succeeds in realizing everything conceived, it will be an innovative project for the near future, which will stand out among competitors.

To learn more about the details of this project, as well as to participate in the purchase of platform tokens, visit the official website https://movie.io/ and read the whitepaper: https://movie.io/static/docs/MovieCoin_Whitepaper_ver_1.2.0.pdf

Author Cryptozond: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1190894
ERC-20 wallet: 0xE09319CEB0C8cf2029e27F85E1Bcb1159c63aF8e

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