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LeadRex: synergy of AI and blockchain in a smart system of attracting customers

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LeadRex is the world’s first blockchain based platform for attracting customers using artificial intelligence in their work. It is designed to help businesses in effective digital marketing building a market strategy and attracting new customers. This will be a complex system with many components — from the advertising module to smart contracts, which together will work to increase the number of customers, increase in conversion and sales volumes.

Prerequisites for appearance

Internet advertising is a rapidly growing industry, in which large amounts of money are being paid: market analysis from LeadRex developers shows that by 2020-2021 its volume will exceed 300 billion USD.

Digital advertising is a powerful tool for promoting services and goods, in addition, this area welcomes innovation and technology from the «front line» of scientific progress. Given the spread of the Internet and the large number of people using it every day, companies that want to stay on the market and attract customers need to take this into account and spread their presence to the digital environment using for advertising purposes new technologies and automation capabilities. The business is forced to do it otherwise it will lose customers and income.

The main driver for the growth of online advertising today is advertising on mobile devices: it takes up to 54% of the total volume of advertising Internet content (according to 2017 data). In particular, there is a great need for chatbots: those who have already used them in their business note that this way of communication with the buyer increases the conversion and transfers the interaction with the client to a new level.

At the same time, the solution of the task of attracting customers (the so-called Lead Generation) in the digital world faces a number of problems that LeadRex wants to solve by providing the business with an all-in-one tool — convenient, transparent in use, and safe due to the blockchain.

Problems of the advertising market

Formation of the client flow is a multifaceted task, in the solution of which the business faces problems typical for any advertising campaign. So, not every company is able to pay for the services of an advertising agency or conduct a campaign on its own. And without special knowledge and skills in this area, you can simply aimlessly spend the advertising budget without getting the desired result.

The main difficulties of this market, according to LeadRex authors:

  • Implicit methods of formation of prices for services. Clients of advertising agencies do not always clearly understand where the contractor takes the prices for the work and what set of services is included in this or that tariff. It is possible that the final cost will grow significantly during the advertising campaign.
  • High cost of attracting customer’s attention. Not all firms can clearly describe and identify the target audience of the product / service that is planned to be promoted. In the absence of experience in advertising and the necessary competence, there is a significant risk of wasting money spent on promotion.
  • Lack of uniform control mechanisms. Today, the market offers many tools for conducting promotional campaigns that exist separately from each other. This complicates the management of the process from start to finish — from launching an advertising campaign to collecting information and returning the invested funds.
  • Difficulties in attracting the right client. If business owners turn to inexperienced marketers, the results of advertising may not be up to expectations because of the specifics of the product and the difficulties in selecting the target audience.
  • The growing cost of work. Between the business and the client in the field of advertising, there are always many intermediaries, which leads to an increase in operating expenses. Because of the many intermediaries, it is not easy for the advertising customer to calculate the real cost of attracting traffic and increasing the conversion.
  • Fraud. Opacity of the processes occurring between the client and the business stimulates the activity of scammers. The problem is especially important for cases when payment for work is carried out based on the number of forms on the site or the number of user subscriptions.
  • Inconvenient and outdated management interfaces. Users of advertising services, especially inexperienced, have to spend a lot of time studying the non-obvious, outdated, and inconvenient mechanisms of private offices. Do not help even the existing tutorials, which also do not differ in logic and clarity. The trouble with these services is that they are created by experienced professionals for other professionals and are not designed for beginners. In addition, it is not always possible to find the necessary tools in a set of services (there are no integration modules, and data analysis is difficult).
  • Absence of an actual database of clients. Tracking the current client base is not an easy task, because very often there is no single mechanism for accessing and managing information. In addition, keeping up-to-date in manual mode is a time-consuming task, and even if the marketer hires employees to adding customers into the database, after some time it will lose relevance again.

LeadRex solves all these problems with the help of advanced AI and blockchain.

Elements of the platform

LeadRex is a self-learning system whose mission is to reduce advertising costs and increase conversion.

The platform is based on artificial intelligence, which simplifies and accelerates the selection and analysis of the target audience of the project. LeadRex users can turn this audience into buyers who are ready to purchase a product or service. All operations will be carried out centrally through the personal cabinet of the system.

In order to comply with the principles of decentralization and extensibility, the developers implemented the blockchain technology on the basis of two chains of blocks: Ethereum and Enecuum.

Both of them will work separately. Ethereum has all the necessary capabilities for the implementation of multi-functional smart contracts, and Enecuum provides sufficient data recording speed and a convenient form of storage of those.

The core of the platform includes all the components necessary for the advertiser, which are flexibly configured and connected as needed:

  • The market. Here the LeadRex team and third-party developers will be able to offer premium solutions for the developers of landings, chat bots, banners, etc.
  • The master of creating landings. It will be delivered with a set of ready-made templates, in addition, users will be able to create their own templates using the bank’s available modules and elements. Master supports the principles of visual design incl. technology Drag-n-Drop.
  • The editor of banners. It also comes with a set of templates, there is also the ability to make your own banners.
  • Master of creating chatbots. As mentioned above, chat bots on the advertising market are becoming more and more in demand. LeadRex will allow you to make your own bots with flexible settings.
  • The module of targeted advertising in social networks. You can quickly and easily launch advertising campaigns tracking their results in real time.
  • The contextual advertising module. This is the implementation of classical advertising technology, also with the ability to customize and create your own templates.
  • Analytics module. It links all other elements of the system giving access to detailed analytical data about the advertising campaigns of the user in real time. Based on the results of the analysis, LeadRex will propose recommendations for optimizing advertising.
  • CRM. The CRM subsystem will monitor user behavior in real time and create a database of such.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is a key element of the platform analyzing the behavior of users, various advertising channels, and databases. AI will create and optimize the base of the target audience, offer solutions to increase the flow of customers by displaying banners, launching shares for discounts and bonuses, etc.
  • API-systems. Through the API platform, third-party services can be integrated.
  • Integration modules. With their help, any website will be able to connect to LeadRex, and the owner of the resource will be granted access to the platform functionality.
  • Smart contracts on the blockchain. Thanks to them, the system is transparent, fast, and safe.

How it works

All users are divided into two types:

  • Ordinary (Users): register, provide information about the company, and launch promotions.
  • Agents (Agent): register on behalf of the client, fill in detailed information about it, and launch advertising.

When you start, you can select the target audience, monitor the effectiveness of advertising, modify the campaign parameters «on the fly», etc. When the system determines a new client, the data about it falls into the CRM and a database with a tag, advertising from which category attracted the visitor.

In addition, the system of internal reporting provides transparency of relations between the team and investors.

In the future LeadRex plans to become a provider of SaaS services receiving revenue from a subscription to services. The final cost of the tariff plans will depend on the rate of LDX token calculated in dollars.

Within the framework of the platform, a bonus and referral system is planned, which can make the use of LeadRex completely free.

LDX token is a «protocol token» LeadRex used for the internal needs of the system and users. Holders of this ERC20-compatible token will be able to pay for service, get early access to the newest features, purchase premium services, and perform other operations. A total of 135 million 900 thousand LDX tokens will be issued, 109 million 600 thousand of which will be distributed during the ICO. The distribution of tokens will occur in 2018 in several stages.

To learn more about the details of this project, as well as to participate in the purchase of platform tokens, visit the official website https://leadrex.io/ and read the whitepaper: https://leadrex.io/docs/WP_LEADREX_ENG.pdf

Author Cryptozond: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1190894
ERC-20 wallet: 0xE09319CEB0C8cf2029e27F85E1Bcb1159c63aF8e

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