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Foresting: a new level of social network on the blockchain

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Not so long ago, social networks broke into our lives. By their appearance in the world, they changed the format of receiving news in principle. A good example is such a country as Syria, in which various social media were under the full control of the current authorities, and foreign journalists are banned from entering the country very quickly by news objectionable authorities.

All this has become possible thanks to one thing — social networks. But over time, social networks are also evolving. Today, it is a new stage in the development of social networks in the project of the company Foresting (https://foresting.io/).

In total, the project plans three development branches to ensure ease of interaction with the social network itself. The basis of the platform is the creators of various kinds of content. The created content will be able to sell for the currency circulating inside the platform. The second branch is digital banking services, from which payment will be made for the work done. And the third direction of the development of the site will be the so-called laboratory created directly to support these content creators and the work of the platform as a whole.

Interacting with each other, we get a full-fledged and independent platform for people who have good ideas and write various articles and for people who are willing to pay money to get a good article and develop their project. Placement of content on browsing will be made directly on the site itself without the use of third-party links and the involvement of third-party sites. Content can be of any kind, be it video, snapshots, just a dry text, and even a live broadcast. A feature of the project can also be called the speed of news distribution in front of traditional networks and the availability of access to it to any user.

At the moment, people who work in this area have suffered from financial difficulties. This is due to the fact that the writers of such articles belonged to the unemployed. After all, for banks its income is hidden. All operations are carried out in the Internet with virtually no participation of banks. Thus, most content creators are also trying to find official work. This leads to a decrease in the quality of the content and its quantity, mainly such people work in the evening after work. This leads to the above disadvantages of such work.

A digital bank, operating on the blockchain, will be able to simplify not only the ease of use of all the functions of the bank for people involved in writing articles, but also providing sufficient security in financial transactions made on its basis. Money for their publications will be available for likes and repost. This makes it easy to make a profit for those who are not familiar with the basis of the work of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Thus, relying on advertisers or followers is not necessary.

The concept is new, in principle, but not the first of its kind, something like that already exists. This is the Steemit platform, but it is not a global form like the Foresting project. So, it is impossible to call this network a revolutionary one, but only quite promising in my opinion.

Let’s sum up. This platform from the Foresting Company is quite interesting and promising. A new idea using various branches of the organization and ensuring the work of the site in general will only add popularity to its development. In contrast to the already existing Steemit, this development is more global and has its own digital bank. And due to the circulation of its own cryptocurrency, the execution of financial transactions will become available and safe since the basis of the blockchain technology. Sure the project has already found its fans in the face of the same content creators and all sorts of people working in the field of advertising development and promotion. I can say with confidence that in the future the project will reach its heights.

To learn more about the details of this project, visit the official website https://foresting.io/ and read the whitepaper: https://forestingnetwork.com/whitepaper/FORESTING_Whitepaper_Eng_Ver.0.92.pdf?ver0.2

Also, you can find a lot of useful information on the bitcointalk forum: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4931943

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