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ARAW: a new level of e-commerce on the blockchain

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The growth of popularity of e-commerce is not surprising now. Trading volumes are growing, new customers are coming, and new sellers are emerging. According to forecasts, by 2020 there will be more than two billion people making purchases online.

Although growth is significant, old problems are still present with sellers and buyers alike. Now it is worth noting a system that will help to eliminate the previous sharpness of the questions: it is the ARAW platform (https://arawtoken.io/), which is focused on similar problems and issues.

The platform is built on a well-known and familiar blockchain technology (Ethereum). ARAW is aimed exclusively at e-commerce and is already a familiar decentralized payment system.

The platform itself is designed for use by a large number of people around the world. ARAW carries blockchain to the masses. The project itself assumes a fee system, to which all companies operating in the services sector have the right to rely on. Thus, the company’s development is promoted by offering and promoting services. For this, they will receive system tokens. In addition, various loyalty programs can be brought to a significantly new level. The solution offered by the ARAW system is completely transparent, and all details of the project can be found from official sources. This should popularize the ARAW token.

The ARAW organization is a pioneer in the world of finance. The idea is to give the functionality of payment systems at a competitive level and to create tools for conducting electronic business, an NFC payment card for cryptocurrency and creation of cryptocurrency transactions has been created, and a system of bonuses and rewards has been created and is working. At the heart of all this lies the blockchain technology. The project itself will eventually become part of the usual Internet shopping.

The company itself strives to create a new level of e-commerce, the most convenient for the average consumer. In this regard, this is a challenge to obsolete, but still working platforms. Buyers can also earn on sales of system tokens. A distinctive feature is the accrual of bonuses and rewards for holding tokens on the cryptocurrency account. At the heart of the platform are two main things: blockchain and smart contracts.

The project itself was not originally planned as the main product, but was conceived as an additional ecosystem, so that users could verify the usefulness of the blockchain. The system aims to reach the maximum audience, it has a good level of scalability and efficiency. At the same time, the blockchain Ethereum enables interaction in a natural and safe way.

In addition, a special widget has been designed and used for accepting funds by sellers in online mode. It is used similarly to other payment systems. Here the goal is clear — to provide a fully open API and to integrate the ARAW Pay service into mobile and web-purses. The system is extremely convenient for use in commerce.

Users are not restricted by mobile applications, they are all available in the ARAW market: https://arawtoken.io/. Entrepreneurs are very easy to start a business and create their own platform at the enterprise level for their own needs. The system is rather flexible and allows you to make purchases and sales, participate in various promotions and loyalty programs, and conduct activities to receive fees.

To learn more about the details of this project, as well as to participate in the purchase of platform tokens, visit the official website https://arawtoken.io/ and read the whitepaper: https://arawtoken.io/assets/araw_whitepaper.pdf?v1.7

Author Cryptozond: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1190894
ERC-20 wallet: 0xE09319CEB0C8cf2029e27F85E1Bcb1159c63aF8e

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